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Wunderbar Lamb is Australia’s first and only Humane Choice Accredited lamb producer. This certification provides independent confidence of ethically managed, free range, pasture-raised living conditions. 


What does it mean to be Humane Choice Certified?

We sought out Humane Choice Certification as a way to give the highest level of confidence to chefs and people at home that our animals are raised using minimal human intervention practices and true free range conditions.


Wunderbar Lamb is the only Certified Humane Choice lamb producer in Australia and New Zealand.  Certification is audited annually by the Humane Choice Society according to strict standards, including:

  • that the animals have not had tails docked

  • that they are free range and free to graze 

  • enjoying sunshine and the company of their flock

  • natural mating and rearing of young

  • antibiotic and growth hormone free

  • have enjoyed the highest quality of life 

  • were not brought up to weight in a small, confined feedlot

  • minimal transportation times


Wunderbar is proud to be part of such a well known and trusted organisation championing the cause of humane and ethical treatment of farm animals. It is this affiliation that sets us apart and gives peace of mind when specific animal welfare factors are important when choosing your lamb.

For more information on Humane Choice Certification go here.