clean shedding, suited to a free range life 

Wunderbar ewes have been bred specifically for clean wool shedding. This eliminates the need for shearing, crutching, tailing and mulesing.


Also, clean skin sheep produce a leaner, more tender and flavoursome meat than traditional merino or merino cross bred lamb, and many other specialty breeds in our view.

Our breeding began in 2006 when we bought our first Wiltshire Horn rams and started mating them over our merino ewes. It took many painstaking years, and the addition of Wiltipoll, Meatmaster and Australian White rams.


We have finally arrived to the point where we have a premium quality, fully shedding, easy care flock of ewes without sacrificing low fat coverage and clean shedding.  They are well suited to a free range life in some of the extreme weather conditions of the Clare Valley.

premium quality, great tasting, lean lamb

Wunderbar Lamb is lean, tender with full, clean lamb flavour, reflecting the grass only diet and true free range lifestyle of the flock.

While grass fed in all senses of the word, we do allow a very small amount of grazing on grain crop stubble after harvest, during the hottest summer months. Grassland gets pretty hot and dry out here in the Clare.


We'd put this as somewhere downwards of 5% of their total diet. Absolutely no feedlots are used.

We have a growing number of fans in the Clare and across South Australia, both in commercial kitchens and at home.

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