true free range, ethically raised lamb

I'm Ben Heinrich of Wunderbar Lamb.  


We produce premium lamb in South Australia's beautiful Clare valley using true free range, minimal handling methods.

All of our lambs are raised on rolling grasslands and free to roam pretty much as nature intended. We are Australia's only Humane Choice Certified lamb producer. 

All Wunderbar lamb is

  • Hormone free

  • Antibiotic free

  • GMO free

  • Humanely & Sustainably raised

  • No docking, tailing, mulesing or shearing

  • Dogs are muzzled, no electrified fences

  • Free to roam and graze under mostly natural conditions

  • No feedlots

  • Basic shelter

  • Minimum stress processing

  • Humane Choice Certified

Ben Heinrich, 2016. | Heidi Hodge

My family has been farming here on our Black Springs property (near Auburn) for five generations.

Together with my father Ken, and him alongside his father Jack, we've been producing prime lamb for over thirty years, along with wool and grain crops.


Grain is still a big focus for us, while Wunderbar Lamb is steadily growing, and wool production now gone.  We are proud to be offering people a great tasting product that comes with a confident choice about animal welfare. 

Read more about some of the local businesses we work with over here.

Ben & Ken inspect grain |Andy Rasheed 

Wunderbar Lamb was born from my desire to experiment with clean-skin, easy care sheep, (an idea many would laugh at considering we are in the heart of merino country). To my surprise, Ken agreed to give it a try.


Sadly Jack is no longer with us, but we're sure he would be very interested to see how we got on with those funny looking sheep with no wool!

My wife Kerry and I are now raising our five children here on this same piece of dirt. We both feel pretty happy about being able to continue a life on the land, for our sake and for theirs, and also to be evolving what we do in ways that helps look after a future for our kids.

3 Generations: Ken, Jack, Ben Heinrich in the wool days. 2005

Ben, Macartney, Fred, Emmison, Archer, Kerry and George 2016 |Andy Rasheed