Autumn already eh..

But the mornings are pretty good at the moment I reckon: the air is cool and crisp (not too crisp!) and the lambs are bright and bouncy. Life is good!

After the very hot dry season last year finishing the lambs has been a bit of a challenge for us, but luckily we had plenty of good quality hay left over from the previous season so everyone has been kept happy.

It's a busy time now of course. We continue to grow grain on other parts of the farm and at the moment we are right in the middle of cleaning seed ready for seeding the next crop. We are putting another paddock out to Lucerne this year which will increase our acres allowed for the lambs and as our flock size increases.

We are using an organic fertiliser on all our pastures this year - Guano (bat poo!) and we are improving soil quality of some areas with gypsum and lime (also natural products). Our approach each year is becoming more and more natural and organic in approach, which we believe not only makes what we do more sustainable but fits with what customers are looking for.

In other news, we've just brought on two new butchers for Wunderbar Lamb - Glenunga Gourmet Meats in Adelaide and Freeling Butchers close to the Barossa - which we are really excited about. You can find a full list of our stockists here.

We are also working on a few other bits and pieces, including perhaps something with Clare Gourmet Weekend! Make sure you follow us on facebook or instagram for updates.


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